R223 backed by real estate projects and managed by an investment group.

The R223 cryptocurrency is backed by real estate and other high-end projects with rights for usability, restoration and profit generation.

About R223

About R223 ICO

Why to choose R223 Cryptocurrency?

The uniqueness of R223 cryptocurrency is that it was born with the ownership and rights of use of a large number of Real State properties.

The R223 was designed with the goal of creating an advanced economic infrastructure based on the best blockchain network in the market, the Binance Smart Chain - offering solutions for the real estate for usability, restoration and profit generation in Mexico, Latin America and the world over.

R223 Benefits

The project is led by an international multidisciplinary team of professionals with the ability to create long-term businesses and generate revenue.
R223 has a long-term scope, since the project will continue acquiring assets related to the Real Estate market and will invest in other high-end projects.

Margin Trading


The uniqueness and main value added of R223 is that it was born with the ownership and rights of use of a large number of lands, properties and other assets.

Instant Exchange

Global Tradeable

R223 will be listed in the most important exchanges in Latin America and over the world, centralized and de-centralized, this to ensure the successful operations among the holders of the coin.

World Coverage

Real Estate Network

The ownership of high value properties will continue to grow and create a network of properties, products and services to strengthen the cryptocurrency and token holders.

Mobile Apps

R223 Mobile APP

A digital environment specially created for R223 holders to enhance the use and generation of benefits of our cryptocurrency.

Strong Network

Strong Blockchain

R223 is an BEP-20 Token on the BSC(Binance Smart Chain). These tokens are essentially smart contracts that use a high security standard interface.

Safe and Secure

Secure Investment

The Token holders can participate as shareholders in Real Estate projects with the possibility to purchase stocks with R223.

R223 ICO Allocation

The funds received in the ICO will be focused on the development of the usability, circulation and presence of the cryptocurrency at a global level, to achieve this, we will distribute the investment received as follows:

  • 7% Events
  • 22% Marketing
  • 28% Project Operation
  • 11% Crypto Operation
  • 9% IT Software & Infastructure
  • 3% Legal & Financial
  • 5% Management
  • 7% Events.
  • 22% Marketing.
  • 28% Project Operation.
  • 11% Crypto Operation.
  • 9% IT Software & Infastructure.
  • 3% Legal & Financial.
  • 5% Management.

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Road Map

Our route plan is well defined and clear, and we are already in the process of fulfilling milestones..






R223 Wallets


Real State Properties

SOON! Don’t Miss Our App!

R223 will offer a technological system that will make it possible to potentiate the use of the currency, it will have a marketplace, a payment system, real-time transfers, a wallet, promotions, access to events and many other great advantages.

Among the great benefits that the APP will have, it will be to interact with the R223 community, obtain discounts for payments, access to establishments that accept the currency, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

R223 is a token on the Binance Smart Chain, it is totally public and decentralized, it does not depend on us and it is extremely secure, you can always see all the token information using this link: https://etherscan.io/token/0x428be91cb9a9093dfec1db9e85a6a04ac11dae5e
You will be able to open an account in any Binance multi-token wallet such as Truswallet or Metamask and there you can have your R223.
YES, all citizens of the world can participate in our ICO and in the sale of the R223 cryptocurrency, private investors and high amounts investors will have to fill out a simple form of knowledge your client (KYC / AML) and it is all that is required. Only if the amount exceeds 1,000 USD.
Only if the investment amount is above 1,000 usd, all issues of crypto assets and digital currencies are highly regulated in the world, that is why it is necessary to know the holders of the Token, to maintain a clean and reliable ecosystem, this It only applies to if they buy the R223 in the ICO directly from us, if it is bought in an exchange, they will have their policies to ensure the proper use of their platform.
Our project is a long-term project, all the tokens will be released by underlying Real Estate projects, in each business model case, a specific number of R223 will be released that depends on the project and its investment need, each project will deliver new R223 to the market until exhausted those issued at token birth (7,000,000,000 R223)
We accept the largest cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Theter, Ripple, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.
No, buyers of the token can buy any amount of R223, if it is a significant amount, huge PRE-ICO and POST-ICO discounts can be accessed.
R223 Holdings is created and constituted in the COOK Islands, a financial, political and social ecosystem suitable for this type of activity and with well-established and documented business protection policies.
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